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In April 2023, we partnered with China Airlines Australia/New Zealand to conduct social media operations. After a series of workshops, we reached a consensus to achieve two goals: brand awareness and localisation.

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Before commencing work, we conducted in-depth research on the company background and the Airline scene in Australia, and after understanding the cultural differences between Taiwan and Australia, we began formulating strategies. The first problem to solve was the language difference. China Airlines’ initial strategy was to directly translate social media content from their Taiwan headquarters and post it on their overseas accounts, but the effect was not ideal. The main reason for this was the difference in reading habits caused by cultural differences.

The square shape of Chinese characters makes them easily recognisable in images, allowing for more text information to be presented in the image. However, this is not the case for English fonts, meaning the audience will get lost easier. Therefore, after obtaining promotional content, we first needed to streamline all information, summarise core benefits and pain points in one sentence, focus on using images to produce emotional connections to deepen brand impressions, and supplement with effective and concise text explanations. This small change significantly improved China Airlines’ post-performance.

Skyfield Co X China Airlines

In addition to design, we also worked with China Airlines Australian team to develop localised content, including following the trend of Vivid Sydney to promote cabin atmosphere lighting, publishing a tourism series call the CI Flight Squad with tailor-making cartoon characters inspired by New Zealand and Australian birds, further strengthening the content’s local characteristics.

Skyfield Marketing X China Airlines
Skyfield Co X China Airlines


As a marketing company in Australia, we have a natural advantage in accurately understanding the local market. We can accurately convey emotional and value information in strategy and design, and since our collaboration, China Airlines’ social media performance has significantly improved.

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China Airlines Australia/New Zealand is proud to have partnered with Skyfield Co. for our social media operations since April 2023. Our collaboration was marked by innovative strategies and tangible results, with Skyfield Co. helping us focus on brand awareness and localisation.

Skyfield Co. impressed us with their market insight and localised content, notably the ‘CI Flight Squad’ series and their unique promotion during Vivid Sydney. The use of tailor-made cartoon characters inspired by local bird species resonated strongly with our audience.

We wholeheartedly endorse Skyfield Co.’s services. Their understanding of local markets and ability to create engaging content has enhanced our social media presence significantly.”


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