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Double Space

An Australian real estate development and investment group.

Double Space’s long-term vision is to establish itself as an investment business in the property industry. However, their first project was an immediate request to release a newly renovated warehouse as a professional workspace. In order to achieve this, the look and feel of the brand needed to represent a working space while remaining extendable for future property development projects.

When Double Space initially launched, the business name did not include any property-related elements. As a result, the challenge was to add these elements without introducing too many new elements to the brand. The previous design agency failed to accomplish this task before we took over, which means that our success would turn an unhappy customer into a happy one.

In order to overcome this challenge, we conducted extensive research and analysis to find a solution that would work. After several brainstorming sessions and consultations with the Double Space team, we were able to incorporate the necessary property-related elements into the brand without compromising its simplicity and clarity.

By doing so, we not only met the immediate needs of the first project but also set the foundation for future growth and development. Double Space now has a brand that can represent both its current and future business ventures in the property industry.

Double Space: Work by Skyfield Co


In the real estate industry, simplicity is vital, and location is one of the most crucial factors. Meanwhile, Double Space acknowledges this and has made location the most unique design element at the center of their brand’s initial letter D.

This design choice signifies Double Space’s dedication to optimising each project based on its geographical location, considering each area’s unique features. By doing so, they ensure that their developments blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Double Space Logo: Work by Skyfield Co
Double Space Logo: Work by Skyfield Co
Double Space: Work by Skyfield Co
Double Space Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
Double Space Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
Double Space Website: Work by Skyfield Co


Systemically brand identity completed in

4 weeks

Project Gain


Warehouses leased out in 6 months.

4600 sqm

Double Space Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
Double Space: Work by Skyfield Co

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