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Master Yan

Yan Meixi, the only Gaogong master in Australia with official registration to perform various Taoist rituals. Sydney’s most trusted master of Feng Shui

The branding project involves helping Taoism Master Yan expand her impact, particularly among younger generations who seek information primarily on the internet. The main problem identified in the workshop is that the theories of Taoism are extremely complex, and there is a lack of information written in modern language.

The proposed solution is to develop a modern brand identity that is relevant to the target market and a website with a clear structure and simple language to explain what Taoism is and what Master Yan does. The goal is to make information about Taoism and Gaogong more accessible to a wider audience.

Master Yan: Work by Skyfield Co


With a clear goal in mind, a new logo was designed using calligraphy to maintain the root of Taoism. Typefaces were also carefully selected to ensure they fit with the brand identity and were highly readable on both print and digital platforms.

The website was designed with a clear structure, with three main sections: What Taoism is, What Taoism does, and What Master Yan can do for you. This was done to provide visitors with a simple and easy-to-understand overview of the brand, the philosophy of Taoism, and the services provided by Master Yan.

Master Yan Logo: Work by Skyfield Co
Master Yan Website: Work by Skyfield Co
Master Yan Website: Work by Skyfield Co
Master Yan Logo Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
Master Yan: Work by Skyfield Co
Master Yan Event: Work by Skyfield Co


The results were astounding. After launching the new identity and website, Master Yan’s students tripled. Her first New Year gala was a resounding success, with 450 seats fully attended. The second Taoism New Year gala event saw over 1000 attendees, making it one of the most popular events of the year. Master Yan’s brand identity helped her soar beyond her limitations and connect with a broader audience, making her a renowned figure in the Taoism community.

Master Yan Event: Work by Skyfield Co
Master Yan Event: Work by Skyfield Co

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