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SYI has experienced significant growth over time. It started as a one-man operation, but it has since evolved into a team-structured business. As part of this growth, a new office will be opened soon.

However, the original brand’s look and feel no longer supports the company’s current stage of growth. To overcome this challenge, the company needs an updated and strong brand image. This new image will be critical in helping SYI to meet the demands of the new stage of growth.

One of the primary challenges that SYI will face is attracting new team members. With a strong brand image, SYI can better communicate its values and mission to potential hires, which can help to attract more talent.

Another challenge that SYI will face is gaining more high-end property projects from developers. With a strong brand image, the company can demonstrate its expertise and credibility in the industry, which can make it more attractive to developers.

Finally, SYI needs to enhance its market authority to sell more properties. By developing a strong brand image, the company can improve its reputation in the market, which can help to drive more sales.

SYI Real Estate: Work by Skyfield Co


A brand new brand style guide has been created. This guide includes important elements such as the logo, color scheme, and typography. In addition to these visual components, the brand style guide also features key brand messages, the brand story, and explanations of the services offered.

This new brand identity is applied to every aspect of the company. From the inside of the office to the open house, customers can expect a consistent and systematic brand experience. By implementing this guide, the company aims to create a stronger connection with customers and ensure that everyone understands what the brand represents.

To further support the brand, a set of sales tools has been developed. These tools focus on key touch points and help to demonstrate the meaning behind the slogan “strive for excellence.” The tools also help to enhance the customer experience and provide a better understanding of the brand’s values and mission.

Overall, the brand style guide and sales tools are important components of the company’s branding strategy. They help to create a cohesive and consistent image, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and brand recognition.

SYI Real Estate Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
SYI Real Estate Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
SYI Real Estate Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co


Sales increased by


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SYI Real Estate Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co

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