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Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Historical Cantonese restaurant in Western Sydney

Iron Chef is a Cantonese restaurant located in the western Sydney area with a history of 18 years. It has a good reputation within the community. However, due to differences in operational style, including a lack of promotion, the new branch that opened in 2022 has not been popular enough. Our strategy will be to promote the new store through social media to attract youth around Bonnyrigg.

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After contacting Iron Chef and conducting research, we found that the old store had won many food and beverage awards. We decided to focus on promoting this fact, especially since there is a lack of yum cha places in the western Sydney area with many Vietnamese residents who have a habit of yum cha. Having an award-winning yum cha place will be highly attractive.

This promotion coincides with the one-year anniversary of the new store’s opening. We decided to make the theme ‘Iron Chef Bonnyrigg 1st Anniversary’ celebration and offer a large discount to achieve short-term exposure and rapid growth. Since the purpose of this promotion is to publicise the new store, we hope to differentiate it from the old store in design. Although the two stores have similar decoration styles, the obvious difference is that the new store has a Chinese-style double-opening decorative wall. We used it as a distinctive element for the new store’s photo shoot and poster design and promoted it in Chinese, English, and Vietnamese on various social media platforms.

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The promotion was a huge success. Although Iron Chef’s Instagram account had a certain number of followers, it had not been active in recent years. After this promotion, the interaction volume increased significantly, and many old customers began to leave positive comments. Eventually, we brought in 22,000+ customers for the new store within a month of the promotion, which increased Iron Chef’s confidence in the new store’s future operations.

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We then helped Iron Chef establish a website to further promote the new store, including emphasising the fact that it has won many awards. We will also offer greater discounts for the new store’s promotions on the website, and prioritise the new store’s information. It is expected that the new store’s traffic will continue to grow healthily and effectively.

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The number of customers visited during the campaign.


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