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GKU, an e-commerce business that specializes in ergonomic desks and accessories, faced a daunting challenge after three years of operation.

Despite their best efforts, their brand identity failed to meet their clients’ expectations, leading to a significant barrier in online conversions.

The millennial generation demanded a fresh, modern, and cutting-edge brand presence, which compelled GKU to partner with Skyfield Co.

GKU: Work by Skyfield Co
GKU: Work by Skyfield Co


To overcome this obstacle, multiple workshops with the owners and extensive market research were conducted to gain insights into this traditional yet cutting-edge product.

Professionals who use similar products in the office were interviewed to understand their experiences, and sustainability was considered in the brand identity creation process.

The minimalist style and natural colour were consistently applied to all brand elements, including the website, where the great online customer experience began.


GKU Logo: Work by Skyfield Co
GKU Logo Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
GKU Logo Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co
GKU Website: Work by Skyfield Co
GKU Social Media: Work by Skyfield Co

The brand identity, which features curves representing GKU table corners, was extended to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to attract more customers. GKU’s brand identity now matches their clients’ expectations, effectively promoting their products and leading to increased online conversions.

The result was a dramatic improvement in trust and professionalism in the marketplace in just three months.


Improve trust and professionalism on the marketplace, in three months

Average engagement increased by


Social Reach increased by


New followers increased by


GKU Logo Mockup: Work by Skyfield Co

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