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Create a new website targeting a new audience for Sydney’s leading timber flooring company.

Style Timber is a Sydney-based supplier of premium timber flooring, offering a range of services including design, installation, and floor customisation. Recently, the company underwent a rebranding to primarily target interior designers. Now, they are in need of a new website that aligns with their fresh identity and caters to their ideal clientele.

Style Timber Floor X Skyfield Co


The primary objective is to design a captivating website that appeals to interior designers, showcasing their unique identity and aesthetic sense through stunning imagery. Our aim is to position Style Timber as the top choice for interior designers seeking bold and innovative flooring solutions.

Style Timber Floor X Skyfield Co

To achieve this, we arranged for the re-photographing of their projects and also provided them with mood boards that will help them conduct future photo shoots, allowing them to distinguish themselves in the market. The new website will meticulously adhere to its brand identity, with a colour scheme highlighting natural earth tones that evoke a sense of premium quality. The layout will be elegantly designed, exuding a sense of openness and sophistication.

Style Timber Floor X Skyfield Co
Style Timber Floor X Skyfield Co
Style Timber Floor X Skyfield Co


After completing the new website, we shifted our focus to devising an effective digital marketing strategy. We set up accounts for them on multiple social media platforms to showcase their projects and provide inspiration for interior designers. Additionally, we launched targeted advertising campaigns on social media to engage with the interior design community and continuously optimised them to foster a vibrant and highly engaged online community around Style Timber.

Style Timber Floor X Skyfield Co

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