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UGG Face is one of many Australian Ugg boot manufacturers and distributors. Despite offering high-quality sheepskin boots, the company faced challenges due to intense competition in the local market, leading to a decline in their website’s conversion rate over the years.

In May 2023, Skyfield Co became UGG Face’s marketing partner, aiming to implement a fresh and effective marketing strategy. Our primary objective was to drive website traffic through social media and Google Ads while boosting sales.

In-depth research revealed that UGG Face’s product range seemed limited and somewhat outdated compared to other UGG boot brands that catered to fashion-conscious consumers. Additionally, the current website design, based on a Shopify template, did not resonate with our target audience, making it difficult to establish credibility and consumer trust. To overcome these challenges, we decided to initiate a rebranding process.

UGG Face - Marketing Work By Skyfield Marketing


Instead of focusing solely on fashionable products, we dove into the rich history of Ugg boots, which were originally designed to keep Australian westies’ feet warm during winters. Our target audience shifted towards those seeking durable and sturdy boots.

Through a comprehensive redesign, we revamped the website and social media accounts to cater specifically to the suburban working class. The new copywriting emphasised the exceptional quality of our 100% Australian-made sheepskin products. To stimulate sales, we launched innovative marketing campaigns like “buy one get one free” and “end-of-winter sale.”

UGG Face - Marketing Work By Skyfield Marketing


The results were highly satisfactory. Total sales skyrocketed, experiencing a remarkable 698% increase compared to the previous period. Our social media efforts paid off significantly, as we witnessed an impressive 210,000% surge in traffic from those platforms. Moreover, the return customer rate also surged by an encouraging 98%.

With these impressive outcomes, UGG Face has firmly established itself as a reputable brand, gaining the trust and loyalty of its target audience while successfully standing out in the competitive market.

UGG Face - Marketing Work By Skyfield Co

Total Sales Increased


Traffic Increased


Return Customer Rate Increased


UGG Face - Marketing Work By Skyfield Co

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